Madi Hopkins

Madi Hopkins is from Logan, Ut. She has been doing hair for 8 years and specializes in color theory. Madi loves doing hair because it means she can meet new people and help them feel better about themselves. She is an advocate for good communication and listening to her team. She would not be able to survive the day without music and caffeine. Madi is a daredevil through and through, she loves all things motorcycles and would love to be a professional sky diver some day. She is so likeable and funny that she makes no enemy's. Her best friend says, "You know when you set up an avatar on a game and you click the 'random' button and it spits out some wild character? She’s like that. A chaotic good time" The Harrisville Salon is so lucky to have her!

Madi's District leaders says, "I admire her talent resilience and loyalty! When she gets knocked down she does not stay down ! She never gives up!! She learns from mistakes and becomes better because of them! I am inspired by her passion to create an incredible customer experience! Watching her grow over the years has given me so much pride! She jumps right in and has become a go to stylist and Leader because she can give her clients the color ,haircut ,wax, and styles they ask for. Madi is someone that our team can always count on for technical and emotional support!!! The day she walked into the Harrisville salon she started leading by example. I love that I get to work beside her!!!"