Kari McCleary

Kari McCleery District Leader West

She is the District Manager for the West District; West Valley, West Jordan, Tooele, and Sugarhouse. She grew up in West Valley. In her free time you will find her snuggling up with her puppy and taking care of her 4 kids. She has spent over 19 years specializing in Flat tops and A-lines and helping others see how beautiful they are.  Kari works hard at being consistent and by leading her teams by example. She is loyal, and kind but always honest. 

Kari's coworker says, "[Kari] is very professional and efficient. She treats her clients as if they are family. She works harder than any stylist I've ever worked with. She's willing to take anything on. She's an amazing leader and willing to help anyone with their struggles. She won't ask anyone to do something she wouldn't do herself. She believes in all of us, even when we doubt ourselves."