Astra Jacob

Astra is the manager of the Saratoga Springs location, with over 7 years of experience she has worked hard to perfect bald fades. Astra leads with a healthy dose of communication, understanding and coffee. Her obsession with loud and colorful makeup is only outshined with her love of Japanese culture and art. 

Astra's District Manager says, "Astra is an amazingly fun, loving and selfless individual who always puts others before herself. She cares deeply for her staff and salons success. Astra is always striving to better herself and be the best leader she possibly can be. Her willingness to learn and grow and succeed tomorrow where she fell short yesterday sets her apart from all others. I am so proud of the career and personal growth I have seen in Astra in the many years I have known her. She's reaching for the stars and I am grateful to have the opportunity to help her achieve her goals."